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07-10-2012, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Woodman19 View Post
AA has no obligation to build a team for Bautista, he has an obligation to build the best team period. Up to now we have been accumulating talent, just because some are impatient doesnt mean he is going to part with years of stockpiled talent to try to win in the next year. Whats the point of spending 3-4 years bringing in the arms we have only to turn around and gut it in 6 months to try to win now?
It's not an obligation to Bautista. It's an obligation to the fans, the scouting and coaching staff, and the current roster to turn the most lethal bat in the MLB into a winning team. Stockpiling prospects is great, but we have quite literally struck gold by getting arguably the best player in baseball right now. We need to capitalize on it while we still have it. It's not FOR Bautista. It's BECAUSE Bautista.

We had the best pitcher in baseball for a few years, and we never did anything with it. Now we have the best bat in baseball...and frankly we can't make the mistake again. We can EASILY trade prospects while still maintaining a great core of Rasmus, Lawrie, and Romero. While we have Bautista we need to use him to help us win a championship.

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