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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
Honestly Nash's list is such ********. He asked for a trade, so Howson ought to go get a deal that Howson likes from wherever he can get it. And if Nash declines just tell him, if you'd prefer not to be traded to team X you're welcome to play for the Blue Jackets this year but quit ****ing jerking me around.
Uhmmm... Nash asked for a trade, only if in the end it benefited the Blue Jackets. Nash is in no rush to leave. Hence why Howson is in no rush to deal him. Hence why he can actually ask a premium for the player.

"Nash was adamant repeating the same phrase several times that he not only wanted to help his own career but also help the organization that drafted him No. 1 and helped him become one of the top stars in the NHL."

In other words, not even Nash will accept the trade if its not in favor of CBJ because of all of his friends there.

"I don't think necessarily it was, 'I want out.' He loves this organization. It's one of those things where it's a business and he thought maybe he could help this organization." - Derek Dorsett

Nash isn't some evil mastermind with lists, puppets and backstabbing on a D20 and all this. He thought "Hmm my value could be pretty high. I might be able to be moved to a team to help my career AND help all my friends in Columbus". If not, then yes he will play in Columbus. Howson is not being jerked around, Nash isn't killing his team, etc.

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