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Name: Zach
Age: 26
Sex: M

Birthplace: Miami (moved to STL 1 year later though)

Hometown: Waterloo, IL

Mode of Transportation: 2001 Bullitt mustang, lifted 99 sierra, a Cherokee for the woods

Job: Landscaper, office manager for the company as well

How and when you became a Blues fan: My grandma on my dad's side is a full blown Canadian who cheered for the Leafs and eventually moved to STL in the 60s because of the marriage and naturally became a Blues fan. It traced down through the generations and I have become easily the biggest hockey fan out of the entire family.

Favorite all-time Blues player: There have been some "Greats" in my life time but I rather not say names from when I was such a young kid. I know we didn't have Kariya in his prime, but gosh I loved having him on our team. While we are on the topic, how could I not obsess over how great our squad is now? Tank, Pie, Steen, Sobotka, Backes, Oshie, Perron, A mac, and everybody else?! Great times are ahead!

Favorite active non-Blues player: Lupul, Tavares, Oilers youth

Favorite all-time non-Blues player: Pavel Bure

Definitive Blues Moment: Clinching the playoff berth in 09. That was a very special moment, and I was so proud of them for that terror they went on to make it happen.

First Blues Game Attended: Hmmm, not sure but I want to say vs. the Leafs at the old barn (Norris division rival back then). It might have been vs. the Blackhawks???

College Attended/Attending: SWIC style

Bands/Music You Listen To: A Day To Remember, old Blink 182, Saves the Day, As Blood Runs Black. <Those genres listed covers 90% of what I listen to, but I can put up with all kinds of stuff, even some country.

Favorite Movie(s): Step Brothers, The Dark Knight, Hot Rod, The Sasquatch Gang, Without a Paddle, Transformers, A Nightmare On Elm Street

Favorite Food: All kinds of items on TGIFridays. haha

Favorite TV Show: American Dad, Family Guy, Gold Rush, Call of the Wildman, Extreme 4x4, The Regular Show, Home Movies, American Pickers

Hobbies: Watching the Blues/NHL, car/jeep/truck related activities, bmx, listening to music, going to the movies, youtubing all kinds of different things, and trying to be as knowledgeable about the NHL and everybody's stats as possible.

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