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07-10-2012, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
The "this line to play against that line mentality" is no longer used. To insinuate that Boyle should be matched up against Crosby and the like means you haven't paid attention to the NHL over the last 10-15 years.

Do you want favorable matchups in certain situations? Absolutely, but players are not used the way Jan Erixon was used back in the 80's. Lines are not deployed they way they were back then either.

Today it's more about the defensive pairings and less about the forwards that are out on the ice against opposing teams best players.

If the Rangers deployed their lines in the way you are insinuating, then I can see some merit to what you are saying.

I just haven't seen the Rangers do that in forever and I don't see Torts as being that kind of Head Coach.

Years ago you wanted a true checking line and if it could produce goals, great.

I think today, most teams are solid enough defensvely that you want a balanced 3rd line that can play well defensively and offensively and keep your specialists such as Boyle tucked away on the 4th line.

I don't see Boyle being able to provide that same balance on the 3rd line that Anisimov can.
I need to pay attention... seriously thats where you are going with this? Torts MATCHES lines, usually putting Mcdonagh-Girardi against teams 1st line as a Priority, but you are kidding yourself if you don't think Boyle goes against teams top lines. There are times when he plays Richards line against teams top lines (few and far between) but to insinuate that I haven't watched hockey in 10-15 years makes me wonder if you even watch these games or just read the score online. When the season starts maybe you should pay attention to which line starts the game, half the time it is the Boyle line to go against teams top lines.

You can stop talking about Jan Erixon, just because that's my user name does not mean I am advocating Boyle cover Crosby every shift. The days of the true defensive forward are over, but teams still have 3rd line checking lines, they just happen to be able to provide offense as well. Teams try to get the advantage line wise anyway they can, usually when a team puts out its fourth line the opposing team will try and counter as quickly as possible with their first line unless they are looking to spark the team with a fight putting their own 4th line out there.

How is Boyle a specialist? He is a solid 2-way player, nothing flashy and for all the anisimov drooling on this board he has never broken 20 goals (something Boyle did), they have about the same amount of goals over their careers (Boyle played about 30 more games, never getting top 6 minutes like Anisimov) and Boyle can actually win a faceoff and kill a penalty.

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