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Originally Posted by handtrick View Post
I will always hate Suter for stringing Poile along, but in the back of my mind, I have always envisioned him moving on.

Poile states, for the life of him, that he will never understand why Suter would not want to go down in history as "the greatest d pairing in NHL history" with Weber.

To me it is very apparent. Suter came in to this franchise drafted as our first choice in 2003 and being hockey royalty in his mind. Weber got drafted in the 2nd round behind Kevin Klein. By the time they were playing in Milwaukee, Weber started getting more and more of the attention. Suter had alot of problems coping with any criticisms at constructive or otherwise by the coaching staff. He would tend to pout and whine to his Uncle Gary about how they werent utilizing him the way they should.
Weber, on the other hand received criticism well, adjusted his game and moved on.

Suter has continued to be Weber's Robin. When Weber was out with his concussion, Suter even said, "I would like to have a higher role if they will give it to me." His numbers were good when Weber was out, but Weber's weren't as good when he was out, but still....Weber remained everyone's darling.
Weber gets Olympic fame by not only winning the gold over Suter, but becoming a Canadian legend while firing a shot through the net.
Weber goes to his 1st Allstar game and competes with Chara for the hardest shot, Suter sits home.
Weber winds up a close second to Chara for the Norris. Suter gets nominated for nothing.
Weber goes to his 2nd Allstar game and Suter his first. Suter gets his first taste of being sought out about his UFA status. By all means, doesnt handle it well. Says he doesnt want to become a distraction, but DOES in fact, become a distraction during the SC run.
Weber finishes 2nd again for the Norris. Suter, in his height of press coverage, finishes only 8th.

Now, July 1....finally, Ryan is the prize...the sought after one...a chance to be "the man" Weber shadow as he is not unrestricted. This may even be his chance to finally fulfill his role as USA hockey royalty if he picvks the right team.

He finds his buddy [another American hockey Olympic star) to go to the same American team in the State of Hockey. He gets the biggest contract in NHL history for a defenseman. He goes to his wife's home town. And by God, he can raise his beloved Brooks and any future hockey royalty in a "hockey culture" where life of everybody revolves around hockey from mites through peewee through high school through college. He can even say it is for "family reasons," and Poile cannot even argue against it.

But I will always believe that in reality, getting out of Weber's formidable and forever shadow will always be the real, untold, and never talked about reason for him not signing long term with the Predators. You may think that his "awe shucks" demeanor seen in the press is the real Ryan Suter, but there is one HUGE ego in there that few get a real chance to see. I, for one, hope he never fulfills his "destiny."
Welcome back ... and damn, that was a thorough post ... and I agree with what you said ... still doesn't mean Poile should be let off the hook in any way shape form or fashion.

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