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07-10-2012, 02:51 PM
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Bringing Basket-ball to Montreal depends on the youth and media. Basket-ball is a highly practiced sport in Montreal and highly watched. If the media, especially RDS, could get some decent analyst for some NBA games it would be great I mean, RDS 2 even had baby foot and darts. Why can't they have some basket-ball. TSN has done a great job covering the Celtics by getting ESPN broadcasts and the Raptors. If RDS could do the same at least for the Raptors at least only for the home games it would be good. RDS had March Madness coverage, but they have no basket-ball expert whatsoever. I even heard a someone comparing something with hockey. On Sports 30 they only have basket-ball news about Kobe and Lebron once in 3 months. At least if they could cover the free agency that would be the minimum to start.

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