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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
And rightly so, as the general fan base is mostly going to be concerned about the 1st round picks and there was a time when it sure wasn't looking so pretty for Timmins 1st round picks. Kostitsyn has had his share of problems here, Chipchura didn't pan out here although it's poor asset management, Price getting booed in pre-season and all the Halak vs Price stuff, Fischer busting, fans were upset when McDonagh wanted to go back to the NCAA for his 3rd year, Pacioretty struggled in his first 2 pro seasons and while not a 1st rounder our 1st pick in '08 sure has gotten some heat around here for the frost bite incident and not signing this summer.

But then Price goes on to be a top 10 goalie or there abouts. Pacioretty goes into beast mode and now looks like a legit 1st PF (depending on your def of a PF), McDonagh looks like he's going to be a very good top 4 D for a long time and Chipchura is a regular on the 4th. It just goes to show that sometimes fans need to chill out a little and let things unfold. But since this is the Habs board, that will never happen, everything will be blown out of proportion all the time.

As for Maxwell, his contract is a two way whereas Chipchura and D'Agostini are on 1 ways so he might not see a lot of NHL time this season.
Good post. I especially hope the great seasons Pacioretty and McDonagh had last year (not to mention Price's continued development) go some way to dispelling the "Timmins can't draft in the first round" line of thinking.

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