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07-10-2012, 03:06 PM
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Anyone who feels smug about having had the #3 pick as a result of the Habs' futile performance this past season should sit up and take notice. This "if McDonagh, no Galchenyuk" connecting-the dots reasoning bugs has its own flaws, the most obvious being, who's better, Galchenyuk or McDonagh? It may turn out to be McDonagh after all. Without including McDonagh in the trade it might have fallen apart. That probably would have been a good thing. Koivu has had greater success in the past few years than Gomez and would have cost less to sign, with a shorter contract and a much smaller cap hit. Without the trade the Habs would have retained Higgins. Would he have been worse than some of the LWs the Habs have tried in despair? I'm not sure of that. Also, they could have included him in a different package. Finally, Timmins wouldn't have been able to land Galchenyuk but he might have drafted fairly well even with a lower pick.

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