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Originally Posted by NRG87 View Post
During my lunch break, my brother told me to start a blog about the Habs, so I did:

There are already tons of Habs blogs out there, I'm well aware, but I figured it's time that I spent my time doing something I actually enjoyed for a change...

In my first blog post, I'm positing that the Habs have way too many veteran forwards (in my assessment, anything above the age of 28 is considered a "veteran"). If you look at the past 3 cup champs, those teams didn't have a lot of veteran forwards.

The Habs signed two UFA forwards this offseason, and are rumored to be interested in Doan. Some veteran leadership is good, but the reality is that forwards beyond the age of 28 start to decline, and we now have way too many declining assets at the forward position.

Accordingly, I'd stay far away from Shane Doan, as much as he's still a useful player (today anyway).

Do you think we have too many veteran forwards on the team?
Really, where would Pacioretty and Desharnais have been without Cole? And don't you shudder at the thought of Leblanc instead of Plekanec? Would theHabs have gotten to the CSCs without theiir older forwards?

IMO you're oversimplifying things. The Red Wings were loaded with veteran forwards in their best years. The Devils just got to the finals with their veterans while the Blues and Oilers sputtered despite their wealth of talented youths. If something sin't broken, why try to fix it? You'd look awfuly silly if the Habs make the playoffs in 2013 withe the help of Prust and Armstrong.

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