Thread: Prospect Info: Development Camp 2012 July 6th-10th
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07-10-2012, 03:35 PM
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StickHandling drills back and forth
--Czarnik always the first in his group to the other end.
--Weal fell down once and lost control of the puck twice.
--Schumacher with a pretty good spill as well

Board Retrieval: trapping the puck along the boards and making a pass to the next forward in line
--Prokhorkin jumped against the board and missed the puck and then fell straight to the ice after being off balance. emerson cracked up

StickHandle around some cones skate in the zone and shoot on the goalie
--Andreoff with 3 goals on this drill
--Schumacher with 2
--Mersch / Prokhorkin / Toffoli
--Noticed on a few shots that Merschs release is a little slow and the wind-up is real lumbery, kind of the tim tebow of wrist shots... but at least he's accurate

Stuffed along the boards with a foam pad, break free, do a 360 quick turn around on a cone and come frome the end board and shoot on the goalie
--a nice change to see scoring chances from a different angle than straight on.
--Nic Dowd absolutely owned this drill. Had zero opinion of the guy til this drill, his hands in tight were just insane, He scored 4 times on this drill. Didn't matter from which side he approached the goalie, he scored twice on either side.
--other scorers: Czarnik 2 / goodrow / o'neil / weal / pearson / prohorkin
--Hyka's turning radius speed was by far the best out of the group.

SHOOTOUT ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: a skater shoots on one goalie, then gets a 2nd a chance at the other goalie on the other end. Make a goal on yr round and you move to the next round.

FIRST ROUND SCORERS: Goodrow / Shore / Prokhorkin / Toffoli / Weal / Lowry / Andreoff / Dowd / O'neil who scored on both goalies
SECOND ROUND SCORERS: weal / lowry / andreoff / o'neil
THIRD ROUND SCORERS: weal / lowry / andreoff / o'neil (yes erbody got theirs to go in this round0

--teammate yelling "WAY TO GO WEALERS!" and then stick applause ensued

--the prettiest goals shootout goals went to andreoff who did something different everytime... he definitely got the most "woo's!" from the staff on his goals.

ok battery almost dying here but i'll post more on the D later...

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