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07-10-2012, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by JaymzB View Post
When Anaheim won, all teams needed to be way tougher.
When Detroit won, all teams need key veterans in key positions throughout the team (and could spend as little as possible on goaltending).
When Pittsburgh and Chicago won, all teams needed #1 picks, and only build through the draft (and in Chicago's case, spends as little as possible on goaltending again).
When Boston won...back to toughness, plus an elite goalie.
Now when LA wins, you need young forwards and an elite goalie.
Except that I'm basing my opinion on a common characteristic of the last 3 Stanley Cup champions. Perhaps even the last 4 or 5, but I didn't have time to analyze those rosters' mix at the forward position.

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