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07-10-2012, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
I'd like us to bring back AK. I think Semin would be a good risk. I'd like our defense alot better with Coliacovo somewhere in the mix as Josi insurance, rather than playing Blum/Ekholm and hoping for the best.

The pickings are slim.

Can't wait until all the FA's are gone, and then say "well, we wanted to spend money, but there's no one any good left, so well just chill with the smallest payroll". It all goes back to the words vs actions - they say we have money to spend, and were willing to spend it - we just never actually cut the checks.

Even rewind to July 1st. Regardless of what Suter did, there's still room to improve the top 6 forwards. Why did we sit on our hands there? Am I going to be fed the line "oh, but there was no one out there we wanted" or "we called so and so but he was too expensive". This was the exact same talk last year on this date. On 7/10/2013, we'll probably be sitting around here talking about how there's no one left as a UFA, and x player would have been great but he went somewhere else and player y got too much money, etc, etc, etc.

Nonetheless, this is sort of a multi-year directive. It's hard to get a "cheap" rap if you're spending in the middle of the pack every year over a period of time.
Yeah, that's more what I meant.

But, I think it's still a 2-way street. I'd certainly go after Semin, AK not so much, but realistically, there aren't very many players out there that would be an upgrade over what we have, and the ones that are, do they want to play here?

I know it's been said for a few years, and they management was looking at last offseason and this offseason to spend the $. Problem is the main 2 cogs in that plan have jammed. One is gone, the other might be.

I think it's pretty easy to forget that we're just 2-3 years removed from all the Boots crap, and just now feeling the "locally owned" positives.

Also, say what you will about overpayments, but these boards have erupted several times this season with Pekka's contract, what we gave up in trades for Gill and Gaustad, some were even saying not to bring in Radulov because he owed us an entire season, so at this point, it's quite clear to me that Poile cannot win. Ever.

If Poile/Trotz can get us to the PO's every season and keep building through the draft I am confident that the team will continue to put butts in seats and the $ is there for the right player.

I thought those players were our home-grown defensive duo, but apparently I was misguided. Quotes of intentions be damned.

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