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07-10-2012, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
Sounds to me like Poile's biggest problem is he can't close the deal. We always hear we're in the running for such and such but for one reason or another Poile can't close the deal in the end. And before you ask me "what was he supposed to do, he offered x amount of money", well maybe they needed x amount of money and something else, I don't know. I know this. If I missed on as many contracts as Poile has missed on, I'd be out the door...
This is my biggest issue with Poile. He's in on everything (typically) but swings and misses for whatever reason. Something just doesn't jive well with this.

I am also shocked he actually thought Ryan was staying. After the All Star game comments and body language during interviews you could just tell he wasn't going to stick around. I don't care what he said to Poile, if he wanted to sign he would've put a signed contract on Poile's desk. I said back in late october I thought Suter and Parise were going to go to the same team. And they did. End of story.

Last year I was gung-ho in my pleading for Poile to make game changing moves last summer. Didn't happen. We made some big changes (which I applauded) but also brought a head case from Russia back (which everyone but me applauded). My point, which was poopooed at the time, was that this past year was the one year you knew you had the big 3 signed. There are no guarantees in life and there was certainly no guarantees that we were going to retain their services for the next decade. Last year was our chance to win it and for whatever reason (Rads, Trotz, etc) we failed to produce.

People are talking about trying to salvage the team around Weber but I once again point to Weber's unwillingness to sign long term last year and continued reluctance should sound familiar to some people because we just lost Suter to the same reluctance. It is better to trade him now, get the best package we can of young studs at forward and D and let the chips fall where they may this year. If we get into the playoffs great, if we don't, perfect let's get an elite prospect in the draft. Our hopes of being a cap team and our chances to win the cup closed when suter closed the door on us. A quick rebuild is in order.

Sadly, I don't think I want both Poile and Trotz overseeing it. I would rather have one or the other and get fresh blood in here. Poile because he is too loyal to people like Weber and Legwand. Trotz because he is overly hard on young players.

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