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Originally Posted by jBuds View Post
Just stop for a second and think about what Roy's role really was. And then ask if Roy did a large amount of things for the team that Ennis is incapable of doing. Thoughts?

(LDS' thoughts here)

Then ask...At home, did Ruff EVER send Roy's line out after seeing Sid hop over and lead his line onto the ice? Ever? If it happened once this year, it was likely because Goose was just out against the Malkin line, and unavailable (if Sid even played any games against us). Come on now. I know your point, I see what you're trying to get at, and I know you just used Pitt as an example...but my point is that you are overreacting.

All the quote means is that Ennis will start the year as our #1 center on paper. If Ruff does any matching, he will likely be sending Ott and his linemates out against other top lines.
I'm sure, many times, Roy did play top lines. He had a fairly high QoC. I understand Goose got many of the tough matchups, as well, but Roy wasn't play hacks. We're likely going from Roy and Goose getting those matchups, to Ennis and Hodgson. That concerns me.

I'm enthusiastic about the long-term landscape of our center situation after some of the moves since February. But I'm very concerned as of right now about our center situation this season.

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