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Originally Posted by Bobby Ryan Getzlaf View Post
Yet guys like Quinn and Leinart are still in the NFL as back-ups. Neither would likely make it through a CFL training camp.
Neither of them are noodle-armed and I highly disagree. I don't think either would dominate the CFL, but to suggest they wouldn't even be back-ups in Canada...I'm not buying that at all.

A lot of why players who people say are going to dominate in the CFL and then don't is the same reason why established NHLers don't go down to the AHL and set scoring records...the motivation level just isn't going to be the same for these guys.

These guys also have no reason to jump to the CFL to try to set records anyway...why be a starter in the CFL making a tiny fraction of what you can make to hold a clipboard in the NFL? The CFLers who do jump to the NFL tend to do so in minor vastly improved salaries.

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