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07-10-2012, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Dreakon View Post
We'll never know what any of these players are capable of at any position if we're too afraid to try them there.

Every year will be "Aw, man. If only Ennis had one more year to ease into it and learn from (insert vet center from FA).

Let the kid play. Just if he stumbles, for the love of god, don't give him the Adam treatment.
Please explain "the Adam treatment". The kid was given a good amount of time to try and correct his game, and he deteriorated and got worse - to the point of unbearability.

Adam was his own problem last year. If you want to veil shots at Ruff, make them accurate ones.

And if you are going to say you weren't talking about the overall demotion, you were talking about removing him from centering Poms and TV, spare us both the time. Adam was treated like every other forward on the team...when your line hits a rut, it gets juggled.

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