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07-10-2012, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Quincy View Post
What's absurd and hilarious is you feeling that you've been "bailed on" because a guy wants to live his life for himself and his family and not you.

Bailed on the team? Wait a second? Does every player who retires "bail" on his team? What's the difference.... oh wait that's right..... there's a cap hit in this case. If Thomas said, "You know, I've achieved what I've wanted, I have other priorities now. Thanks for everything." and retired and there was NO cap hit... you'd be fine with it. But since there is it makes you all mad. Guess what. Tim Thomas doesn't owe you squat and has the duty to himself and his family to do what is best for them whether or not it hurts your little cap or not.

And yes... forcing someone to work against his or her will is slavery.
I am not one of the people going around saying Thomas bailed on the team but comparing what he is doing and someone who is retiring is a bit off the mark if you ask me. You are correct, he doesn't owe us anything, but he does owe the Bruins one year of service. By retiring it would appear that he is done with his career but by doing what he is doing it appears to quite a few people that he just won't play for the Bruins.

None of us know exactly what the Bruins said to Thomas either.

Nobody is saying Thomas should be forced to work against his will, that is being a bit over dramatic don't you think? He just shouldn't be allowed to play in the NHL or any affiliated league until his contract with the Bruins is worked out one way or another.

Some people just don't appreciate the way he went about it and many feel that there would have been far better ways to do things. And you know what, those people have just as much right to feel that way and voice their opinions as Thomas has to sit out a year.

Now I don't exactly agree with all of that but I certainly understand it, I think I can understand how Thomas might feel as well if he is having troubles with his family. Maybe if everyone who is looking at this situation in strictly black and white, right or wrong way should just step back and admit that there are a lot of shades of grey here and none of us are completely certain of exactly what went on to bring this about.

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