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Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post

He was getting between 10-13 minutes most of the games, which is lower than the 13-15 he was getting earlier.

But pointless over that span is still pretty bad. I mean, not even lucking into a point...
I'm surprised, just from watching I would've said he could've been less than 10 minutes a game at the time.

Either way, in a year (especially at that point in the year) when the entire team was playing miserable hockey... possibly the worst hockey in recent history... it's hard to pin it on Adam. And two accounts now in the last year of Ruff not communicating with some of his struggling players?

I'm not the biggest anti-Ruff guy in the world, but I just don't like how he handled Adam. I can get ignoring Boyes, he's an older vet who probably wouldn't be back and probably wouldn't have appreciated someone looking over his shoulder all the time. But Adam's just a kid, a Sabres prospect and plays a position of need. Not sure why you just watch as he crashes and burns.

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