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Originally Posted by BobBarker View Post
As a Director of Player Personnel, much of the work involves direct contact with the team's players. On a daily basis, the director may help coordinate team travel, player appearances off the field, train and support players in handling media coverage, assistant with personal matters that effect the team and manage new player orientation programs and initiatives. The director also works with team office management and the coaches to ensure players are being supported to perform at their best athletic level. He is also responsible for being keenly aware of player contracts and agreements with his team and others. Although those working in this position can be found at a desk, many times the work can be outside the office traveling with the team.

Read more: Director of Player Personnel Job Description |

Am I the only that has a hard time seeing Gauthier succeeding at doing that?
I agree but the other side of it is that Gauthier was very strict because he hated the media, ex tell players they were traded but can't tell them where until its offical was cuz 1 he didn't trust the players to keep it silent until then, or worried that it might leak and player finds out thru the media. Even in the Hal Gill article about the trade, he never said it was classless but rather that PG was too much by the book, and ran things like he leant in businees school, I think he got a Master Degree in that(had on his profile on the habs site) so I don't think its a problem. Another thing is he won't be GM or even ast GM, so basically has an office and a phone and pretty much it, which should be perfect for him.

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