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Location: small pond rink closest to the parking lot.

--skate around
--cross ice pass and a standing wrist shot at the goalie
--3 on 3 full rink
--3 on 3 full rink with 1 player in each zone... each player not allowed to leave their designated zone
--5 on 5, 2 in the defensive zone, 1 in the neutral, 2 in the offensive zone... no skater allowed to leave their designated zone.
--3 on 3 full rink the rest of the way.

Gibson // Gravel Mecdermid Forbort Deslaurier Miller // Schumacher Hyka Mersch Shore Andreoff Dowd

Berube // Mcivor Ebert Roach Ladue // Goodrow Lowry Prokhorkin Czarnik Weal Pearson Toffoli O'Neill

*vey in street clothes limping and watching from the corner.
**this group session had a lot of good quality, good offense good defense, a lot of hard back-checking and forechecking. It was thoroughly entertaining // with the majority of the play being 3 on 3, a lot of players traded positions... in a way it was a nice showcase for everyone to show what they have offensively...It seems as if the coaches instructed the players to not be so "physical" today. Because not even Deslaurier or Andreoff had any hits today.

now with the goal scorers during scrimmages:

--Andreoff had a really nice goal which started him skating backwards in his own zone and dangerously dangling the puck in front of the defender, once he saw the defender go for the puck, he made a quick burst forward and beat just about everyone on D and wristed a beautiful short side top shelf shot. When i saw him make this play, the first thing i said was "wow that was swag". Guy is playing with a lot of confidence right now.

--Hyka had 2 goals, one of the goals being on the individual zone drill which was a tough drill to score in
--Goodrow had a breakaway goal completely victimizing deslaurier, he was the 2nd half on a double team play that cornered ND into a blind backhanded stick handle, goodrow stole the puck and converted on his break away.
--Mersch had the prettiest goal of the day, he walked in on Ebert and it looked like he was just toying w/ the poor kid. Big stickhandles back and forth while Ebert flailed around hopelessly, and then finally beating Berube. Mersch had a very good afternoon with and without the puck. Seems to be a very smart player.
--Miller scored a goal with a slap shot from the wing, he also was very noticeable at breaking up rushes. Good skater with good vision.
--Shore scored on a one timer
--O'neill also had one of the few goals for team black who had a tough time beating Gibson. He scored on him twice.
--Forbort made a great play getting into the zone quickly on a semi break and finishing.

--Deslaurier again had the best day out of all the prospects scoring 4 goals!! All of them beautiful goals, the first was a one timer sliding to his right. 2nd was a put away from a good pass from Andreoff. The 3rd goal had the bench going crazy, he was set up, shot the puck it popped up and he batted it out of mid air right into the net, super reflex play. 4th goal was just a wrist shot flying down the wing. I don't know what else needs to be said, the guy stood out all over the place. Had a couple of those great deceptive moves in his own zone to buy time to make the outlet pass, and he shined offensively having a monster scrimmage. He's the real deal guys! Believe the hype.

--Nic Dowd i thought had a very strong game. He just played with a lot of purpose and power. After his domination in one of the drills today, i am now noticing how good his hands are in very tight situations... in areas with a lot of sticks, skates and chaos, he's able to keep things under control and hold on to the puck.
--Prokhorkins despite not getting any tallies turned out a very promising solid performance as well
--Tanner Pearson (see porky)
--Weal, Czarnik and Toffoli were a little off in today's scrimmage, lots of effort but just not enough creativity and finish in their game today.
--Schumacher had some nice moments stickhandling through traffic and making good touch/finesse passes.

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