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Question 1: Are there specific things I need to be aware of as a fat guy to make sure I don't just tip through a pair of skates in a few days? A pair of cheap skates won't cut it - I'm thinking of trying to pick up a used pair of top of the line skates from two years ago but maybe I can find last year's model on clearance.

I wouldnt recommend a used pair as a pair of skates needs to be properly fitted and baked for optimum performance. look for a mid-level skate. it may cost in the upwards of about 250-300 for a decent pair of skates but be aware your skates are your most important piece of equipment

In 10-16 weeks I need to start picking up the rest of the gear - sticks and pads.

Question 2: Am I going to have trouble finding gear that will fit me? I've seen compression jocks for 40-44" waists. I'm wearing 44 pants now - are the sizes realistic? Are there key words I should be looking for (like when I buy pants I look for boot or relaxed cut - not skinny, slims, etc)?

they make equipment to fit all. bauer has some strange sizes thats for sure. the sizing charts themselves are odd. go to the equipment store and put on a pair of pants. when youre in the pants just bend down and move around. also try to find pants with zippers on the inner parts of the legs which allow for extra room.

Question 3: Any thoughts on how my weight will affect my stick selection?

stick flex is all based on weight. the heavier you are, the stiffer the flex needs to be thats for sure. buy a stick with a high flex number but remember when you cut it, the flex will increase.

And last question(s) ...

Can anyone suggest a small place in the Raleigh/Durham area (or the Triad area - I don't mind driving a little) for hockey gear? Are the shops in the rinks the best places to start or are there other locations worth hitting? I'm sure Dicks Sporting Goods is just great - but I would prefer to find a place that specializes in skating/hockey equipment to make sure I'm getting the right fit for things.

im from nj, i wish i could help

Any other advice for the fat beginner?

my advice is once you get all your gear get to some stick and puck sessions and open hockey as much as humanly possible to break your gear in and get your legs back. just keep your head up as cliché as it sounds and enjoy the fun. dont let anyone be a dbag to you because there are some stuck up dudes out there who dangle and make it not fun just play your game

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