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Originally Posted by kihei View Post
Not me. I agree Wimbledon needs faster grass, but I don't want to go back to, say, 1994, when Sampras knocked off Ivanisevic in straight sets and there were, like, only ten points in the whole match that went over three or four strokes. That was far more boring than what we have now. We do need a fine-tuning sort of adjustment, true, but not a return to the bad old days.
1994 was great, and it was Sampras in his prime.

The fast grass and (don't forget) faster balls were more punishing to defensive play, and the aggressive serve-and-volley style was endemic already at that point to grass alone.

And you can spin it any way you want it, but the epic Fed - Rafa match from 2008 will never come close (to me) to some serve-and-volley classics like Ivanisevic vs Rafter in 2001 or the three Becker/Edberg finals.

You had clay for base liners.
You had hard courts as a "mixed" surface.
Grass (by far the shortest "season") should've been left alone as serve-and-volley surface.

Because it wasn't, we'll never get to see another Edberg, Rafter or Henman (an average serving fantastic volleyer) or an Ivanisevic, Becker, Stich or Krajicek.

Honestly, men's tennis has never been more boring, both in predictability of results, and style of play (dude, Edberg, Rafter, etc. played serve-and-volley on CLAY!).
The "rest of the pack", the "peloton" has never been worse, and really, there's no "the next, great big hope/talent" on the horizon.

The only thing keeping me interested in tennis (and I've been following it closely since I was a kid and started playing it at 6, so 1987) is Roger Federer.
Not only is he quite clearly the GOAT, he is freaking poetry in motion, the most beautiful athlete moves I've ever watched, and I'm pretty sure I'll tear up like a sissy the day he retires.

Yes, Rafa and Novak are great, yeah, Murray is showing glimpses that he could step up here and there, yeah, it's a shame the injury wrecked a possible assault at the #1 spot from JMDP...
But really, compared to the 90s, and no offense to these guys, it's boring.
The pack, the predictability, but most of all, the style of play.

Hence... I miss the old Wimbledon.

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