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Originally Posted by Vinegar Strokes View Post
According to most Carolina fans, he'd have started the season as the backup with Boucher getting injured. Odd situation.
Didn't Boucher get injured after Andersen turned down the offer from Carolina?

As I understood it he did not want to sign with Carolina because they wanted him to play in AHL next year, they already had Ward and Boucher so he would most likely not see any time in the big league and he didn't want to "waste his time" in AHL when he could play in SEL at the same time, which many think is a better league than AHL.

He also wants to have a shot at being a starter in NHL in the somewhat near future, which he couldn't be as long as Ward is in Carolina, so he didn't feel like they were the right organization for him.

Originally Posted by OccupySheen View Post
i don't blame hurricane fans if they're not happy with this, very strange.
How is it strange? He wants to have a shot to become a starting goaltender in the NHL in the near future, Ward is on a contract for at least 3 more years and he will probably not go anywhere once those 3 years are done, Andersen would most likely not get more than 5-6 NHL starts this year and spend the rest of the time in AHL. Ward usually plays around 70 games a season so that would leave around 10-15 games for Andersen to play once he gets the backup-job, which would be next season, that isn't the best situation you can be in if you want to develop into a starting goaltender. Andersen wants to get ice-time in NHL to develop and he didn't see how he would get that in Carolina and thus he did not sign there.

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