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Anton But got released by Metallurg. Is now the time?

Metallurg btw, is coached by Paul Maurice and Tom Barrasso.

Originally Posted by LightningStrikes View Post
In 2011-12 Boucher went with 12/6 most of the time, though.
The second we got Mikkelsson though, we started going 11/7. Up until he joined I don't recall a single game that season, where we had gone with 7.

That indicated to me that there's a certain composition of defensemen Boucher likes to have before going with 7. If Ohlund was healthy last year, I'd wager we'd have seen 7 much sooner.

When SFY and Boucher came in, they said they didn't care if a player was on a one-way or two-way deal. If they deserved to be on the Lightning, they would be, and I think that strategy worked in their first season. Last season it started to become about two-way guys getting the shaft because of their contract status, and the results of that sort of thinking showed themselves.

Dana Tyrell, although in need of development, was sent down initally because of his contract status, despite being part of the DNA line, and we saw how well they played together when he was finally called up. Part of that boost came from the circumstances, but it's not like they had lost a step as a unit. They became the engine for the entire team, until Tyrell got hurt at least.

If we have a guy on a one-way contract, and he gets beaten out by a guy on a two-way. You either send the guy on one-way down, full salary and all, and/or you look to trade him.

It's about having the right guys, not the best guys as determined on paper during the offseason.

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