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Originally Posted by LaTenderness View Post
Listen im a huge fan of Plek but he isn't on the same level as Pat Kane. Kane is much younger and a much better talent. Kane's worst season (ya those 66 pts you mentioned) is equal to Plekanec's BEST season. Sure Tomas plays better defense but that's it. Kane is a better skater, shooter and passer. He's got a much much higher ceiling and he's proven he can step up in big playoff games.

What's not to like? Oh ya he sometimes gets drunk and says rude things to dirty girls when out partying. That honestly doesn't bother me one bit, and has no affect on his value as a hockey player IMHO.
You're talking TALENT, I'm talking PRODUCTION.

Semin has ridiculous talent but a lot of teams won't touch him, why? His production doesn't match the talent.

No doubt Kane has more talent than Plekanec, but in terms of grit, character, Commitment and work ethic Plekanec is light years ahead.

He had 66 points last year when his skill level should have him at 90-100, why? Because he isn't focused on his job, lots of his teammates hate his guts because they want to win and he is more concerned with partying and acting like a 16 year old.

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