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Originally Posted by manifestodestiny View Post
So, I am unsure how to introduce this:

I am a former Atlanta Thrashers fan who has essentially been a free agent fan since the... Calamity. The reported support of Comcast and the Flyers for the Thrashers staying in Atlanta made me very favorable to Philly. Yet, I was accepted into college in Philly and I've generally began to think myself as a Flyers fan, it is not the same intensity as the Thrashers and I doubt that the emotional connection will be the same, but I'm trying.

So, here are a couple of questions:
Any advice on how to have a good experience at a Flyers game? Where should I try to sit, considering the income of a student, and how should I pregame? Is there public transportation from the arena to the inner city?

Also, would I get crap wearing a Thrashers Jersey in the city, considering that they no longer exist? I really want to attend a Jets game in it as a way to move on?
use septa to get around town if your going to be in CC or pretty much anywhere in phila cty.

the subway underneath city hall aka the broad street subway or orange line is always running.

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