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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Not that Gauthier did a terrific job, but it really isn't as bad as some like to paint. Fans are over critical here.
You do not have confirmation of that based on the job he's now doing. If he'd be that great, he'd have a GM job in no time. Yet, I am still shocked that a guy who treated his players the way he did, still has that kind of job....So we'll see about a GM job in the future though nothing surprises me anymore in a world of "who you know and not what you know".....

Gauthier wasn't as bad....maybe not. But last year, was probably one of the worst year as far as perception of the Habs and I believe that this team suffers from Gauthier's last season on the ice and off the ice. Gauthier's work itself might not be awful, yet, his persona and way of dealing with people and his philosophy is clearly responsible for people to paint a more awful time that he actually had but that's not our fault.

Point is it's still unbelievable to keep hearing to this day that Gainey and Gauthier finally were okay after all. 'Cause hey, the took a team at the bottom and made it a respectable one. While obviously most people not taking into account that André Savard had already started the work. That at the time, we didn't have the money to work with like that the Gainey-Gauthier era benefitted from. And that they succesfully took a team at the bottom yet to make it a 3rd round team ONCE, and then succesfully ended up a bottom 3 team, something even Houle was never able to do. Overly critical? How's so? Gainey was coming up with tremendous credentials, 1 Cup in the management, an ex-Habs hero that was suppose to be all that. Same with Gauthier who was coming with tons of experience. Yet, this team was able to go from a bad one to an average one. Great. So we end up making the playoffs most of the years...sign that this management wasn't too bad after all. Yet, let say we end up not making the playoffs this year and the year after and again end up with a top 5 pick on each draft.....but then it translate into becoming a force in the NHl for the next 8 years to come.....who will then be known as a great management? The one that succesfully made us reach the playoffs to lose in the 1st or in the 2nd round with class? Or the ones that in a 10-year period while not making the playoffs 2 times, will end up on the top of the league for the next 8 with maybe 1 or 2 cups in bank? Making the playoffs is a goal for the losers. Being on top of the league whether in the regular season or in the playoffs is a goal for a team like the Montreal Canadiens. Winning is about the only thing left to convince players to play here. Not just making the playoffs.

I'm sorry but you do not have the quality head scout that we have, with the results that he has, and not be a better team after all those years. I do mention in the other thread that we might have more quantity than quality, yet, we've also had some quality that we let go or lacked in the development camp. That's the management's fault. Nobody else.

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