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07-11-2012, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Prederator View Post
I really like your post, especially the part about being in Weber's shadow, as I think that was a much bigger issue than people around Nashville ever realized.

I do have to disagree with the sentiment in your first sentence about stringing Poile along. Poile has been around as an NHL GM for a long time and is a big boy. If he thought a statement made by Suter in November about giving the Preds last look to match any offer would stick in July, he either can not accurately read these situations or is incredibly naive. Suter did gather the bravado you describe in the timeline in your post and Poile should have read that too.

Suter owed the Preds and especially Poile nothing. Unfortunately, business gets in the way of establishing good teams and team unity in professional sports, and it goes both ways. There have been many many times when a professional athlete has given his left nut to a team only to be cut or left out in the cold without a contract the very next season. Suter played by the rules and made the best decision for his family and him.

It is Nashville's fault they could not compete, either in team competitive terms, money terms or any other terms. Poile made a big gamble in holding on to hope that Suter would return. He did not read the situation correctly and should have known Suter would move on. He should have made contingency plans. He didn't. Instead he looks like an incompetent lost little boy, crying over spilt milk.
I would agree with your sentiments if Suter hadnt come out and said all the crap he did about wanting nashville to prove it was competitive, which implied that there was 'something" Poile could have done that would have made him stay.

If he had simply said nothing, or the usual platitudes that athletes say when they know they are leaving (like, "I just want to focus on this season and will worry about a contract after the season is over") I would have no problem with what he did.

But I believe Suter was a chicken****, and he thought there was no way Poile would make all the moves he did and he could leave town looking like the hero who had been wronged and Poile be the bad guy.... and then when poile did all that stuff Suter was screwed because he couldnt just leave and claim that Poile hadnt met his"demands"

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