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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
They are not made up numbers, the vast majority of top 5 NHL picks since 2003 are superstars, starts or at worst very good players. There are a few exceptions, but for every Zherdev(2003) there are 4 guys like Staal Fleury Vanek and Horton. In 2006 all 5 top 5 picks are above average players. 2007 was a relatively weak year with Hickey probably a bust(but he was a "reach"). 2008 Schenn is the closest thing to a bust and a new start in Phillie may jump start his career.
If you didn't make up the stats you posted then why not list them again? I say there's a 92% chance you made them up off the top off your head and a 100% chance you pulled them out of your ass.

Show me the REAL numbers and not the made up numbers and then you can post them. I can post made up stats as well to prove my points should I choose to but I don't because I don't want to get called out on it like I just did with you and then have to backtrack and try to BS my way out of it like you'll try to do in your next response to this point.

Btw, don't you owe me 500 vCash from the PA Parenteau bet that you lost? I have your avatar waiting for you as well for the start of the season

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