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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post

Further to that look at the perrenial contending teams. Chicago, Nashville, Detroit, Vancouver, Boston, Pittsburgh etc all built throught the draft and all drafted "star" calibre players. Some with top picks or top 5's, some not. As good as Timmins has been and consistant, we're still not at that level and our draft picks thus far haven't been at that level either. It is what it is.
That last paragraph is horse droppings.

To fix what is not working you have to realize what is broken.

The reason the Habs were bottom feeders last year and mediocre the last 10 years is because of the two incompetent boobs in the management office.

Stats are constantly presented on this board showing that Timmins has had one of the best if not the best drafting record the last 10 years. So to dismiss him as part of a club that has done nothing is ridiculous.

That's on par to saying well forget Stamkos' records. He has been part of a losing team, he can't be as good as Kopitar who has won a cup.

Maybe the Habs have been lousy despite Timmins' valiant efforts. Maybe the Habs record coupled with Timmins record should show you just how terrible Gainey & Gauthier were for this team.

With an average GM - and I think Bergevin & his staff are better than average - this team could have been a yearly contender with Timmins running the draft.

He wasn't responsible for sending McDonagh & Higgins away for scrapes or Sergei for absolutely nothing or Lapierre for for what was it a 5th rd pick or D'agostini for Palushaj? An average GM would have converted Timmins' surpluses into assets not into liabilities like Gainey & Gauthier did.

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