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07-11-2012, 10:22 AM
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Right now, Doan has way more respect among the people in AZ than Steve Nash. Bickley could have wrote an article to encourge Doan that while it is his choice to decide where he wants to play to not go and play for either the Red Wings or the Kings. Why? Because even if Doan doesn't win a cup, at least he will still be reconigzed as one of the best athletes and characters in all of AZ sports as a result of not going to a rival. Instead, Bickley is encouraging Doan to do the same thing Nash has done only without a trade.

While I understand that Bickley doesn't respect Phoenix as a sports market for being highly fairweather in nature(and I'm the same way too), the problem is Dan doesn't see that his articles often take more of a dump on the hardcore fans of the teams in AZ and not so much on the non-hardcore ones.

As always, the guy is inconsistant.

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