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07-11-2012, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Prederator View Post
The Wild has no financial problems I am aware of. They have a great stadium deal for all of the events at the Xcel Center. They also just sold 2000 more season tickets in the last week after signing Parise and Suter. Plus Leopold is married to HUGE money. Any losses the Wild may incur is just a rounding error to him.
Of course they sold a bunch more season tickets. So would the Preds had they signed Parise and Suter. That's no argument.

Here's one column about their financial issues:

Leopold also made a statement recently about how players have to be moved when money was being lost and how they might end up in that situation. (I don't have the exact quote)

If the Wild's losses are just a rounding error to Leopold, then why did he sell the Predators? Rich people don't like losing money.

I'm not saying anything is going to happen overnight. However, if Parise and Suter fail to get the team to the playoffs consistently, that spike in fan attendance is going to disappear quickly, and Minnesota will be somewhat handcuffed in their ability to make moves to improve matters. If Leopold's losses continue to mount, eventually the businessman in him is going to override the Minnesota hockey fan in him.

Finally, do note that I'm certainly not saying the Preds are on firmer financial ground than Minnesota. We're losing money too.

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