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07-11-2012, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by weeze View Post
Really? Who have we signed (do not include our own guys)? Who did we make any offer too except Suter? And Parise? We were going to need additional pieces even if Suter resigned. Who did we go after? Who are we going after now? This silence drives the fanbase CRAZY! Why be so secretive? Other teams don't. I think the fanbase would cut GMDP some slack if we knew he was trying to get some better players. Make it known who you are going after or talking to. What offers have been given? Refused? That way we know who to boo when we play them. Something... please
First of all, if Poile let everyone know who he was in trade talks with, and what players were being offered, no GM in the league would work with him again. No one wants to hear that their boss is shopping them to the league.

As far as what we've offered, he can't really divulge that info either, because first of all your team will feel that you don't think they're good enough (we've seen this in the past) and if a $ amount gets out, that can be used against you in negotiations ("you were willing to pay X for X, I think I'm worth that")

I know this time of year is tough on the fans, and I know that this has been a huge blow to our team, but I can guarantee you that Poile is working his phone, looking for ways to improve the club and maximize his assets almost every waking moment. We won't see all the practice swings he takes, we'll just see the homeruns and strikeouts.

And yes, I know the Poile bashers will jump on the "strikeouts" portion of my post and ignore almost all the rest of it.

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