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07-11-2012, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by doaner View Post
Dvr'd it. Hope I'm not disappointed!
Pretty good HR Derby. They really need new talent for the broadcasters. I can't stand Chris Berman for any sport he is associated with. The back back back gone is so overused it's embarrassing to listen to. It's so sad the talent ESPN has, that they feel is "good" for the sports, where most fans I read don't like hearing them.

It's like Kornheiser for MNF. I will refuse to listen to him speak anymore after the Steelers/Dolphins rain bowl, where he outright said the Dolphins were the worst team in the league. Screw you Kornheiser, I know that and so did many other Dolphins fans.

I do love John Gruden though, I like listening to people that know about the game, and have a tv personality, not just a boring monotone voice that are just there because they used to play the sport or coach it.

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