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07-11-2012, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
There's a reason we made the playoffs last year,
Yes, there is... Paul McLean relied very heavily on his veteran players to make the playoffs.

1) Karlsson
2) F. Kuba 35yo
3) Gonchar 38yo

4) Spezza
5) Michalek
6) Phillips 34yo
7) Alfredsson 39yo

... and don't forget that this list actually starts with 31yo Craig Anderson leading in ice time.

Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
People confusing us with the Leafs or the Flames need to take a better look at either situation.
Yes, we do.

1 --> Bubble team relying heavily on aging vets?
Them = check
Us = check

2 --> Shortsighted moves trading best prospects to attempt to move from bubble team to playoff team?
Them = check
Us (if you had your way) = check

Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
and also have arguably the best prospect pool in the league. We already have a young core of players; we aren't aging or missing some of the most important aspects of a team(#1 C, #1 D, #1 G.) Unlike the Flames and Toronto we already have the core pieces necessary to build around to make a cup contending team. We also have a cupboard of prospects stocked full of guys that can become good players and have a lot of potential.
You're overrating where this rebuild is!
Do you remember what Murray did to the team that was supposed to make the playoffs in 2010-11?

All he did was deal away 4 out of 6 guys from the 2nd and 3rd lines, right before he upgraded the goaltending.

Fol/Reg - Fisher - Kovalev
J. Ruutu - C. Kelly - C. Neil

In doing that, he made room for older prospects with significant AHL time (Smith, Greening, Condra, Butler, Daugavins, O'Brien)... most of whom were used in depth roles.

This organization will need to keep it's best forward prospects to figure out who can be capable of playing on the 1st line or leading the 2nd line (because this team looks awfully thin after Spezza & Michalek).

Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
The reality, however, is that often prospects don't pan out the way that people hope they will. We can afford to trade a few prospects, while still keeping a large amount of high end potential (as well as safe players) without gutting our team and compromising our future.
Yes, that's why you keep your best prospects in a rebuild and only consider trading depth prospects on your team that would rank much higher in a great team's prospect pool (ie: Vancouver - high finishes = late draft picks = bad prospect pool).

Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
33 is still fairly young
33 isn't young for a power forward, especially a small one.

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