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12-01-2003, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by guzmaniac
Well I see a trend - once again we got better at a extremely low cost. I am amazed that we were able to outbid everyone else with 2 players who are not in the league. As far as Anshakov's potential goes - His potential, a nickle and $.95 get you a dollar today - that may be gone tommorrow - or be $5.00 8 years from now. Please let's not overthink this thing - concensus around the league is that once again we've stolen a very good player.
that's the thing that really gets me: if this was their best deal, what was everyone else offering? stick bags and six packs schlitz?

my manin concern with straka was that he would cost us too much - but i never imagined that he could be had for two non-roster players.

my only ther concern is that straka is pretty small, and it would be really nice to have some more size up front. however, i don't see too many guys in our price range that can score, skate, and have good size, so there's not much to be done about it. it would have been nice to get wiemer before he went to minnesota, but oh well.

overall, good trade. also important for the message that it send to the players: we're here to win this year.

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