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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
Point taken, but is it really fair to put such unrealistic expectations on the scouting staff? Maybe, as you said, it has to be that way, but if it so, I don't see how people can fault Timmins for doing the best he can under those circumstances. It also reinforces just how lucky we are to have Timmins - imagine if he were scouting for a team like NYR or Philly who have no problem attracting UFAs? They'd be unstoppable.

We'll also never really know what Montreal's problem is attracting UFAs - is it because the GMs don't go after guys hard enough? Is it because the owners don't want to spend the cash? Are we really that undesirable to free agents regardless of how much money we throw at them? All we can do is speculate.
Well speculate is not too far from reality. We do know that it is a money issue and unless we overpay, they won't come (see Gionta and Co). Then there's the pressure, and there's also the quality of the team. Some players like to be anonymous, won't happen here etc....So there are legitimate reasons. Personnally, I'd say that if I'd be a NHL player, I'd LOVE to play here....but since I'm not, we can't really say how we'd feel if we'd be really in that position. I know that the one thing that does bother me is our inability to be a very good team. I'd really start from that. Then, when I add everything else....obviously, there's not a lot of reasons to be here. Until you feel like a Mother Teresa and feel that YOU are the missing link that will put that team back on the dynasty mode. Not sure a lot of players feel that way. So since they won't come, you draft them. And yes, it puts A LOT of pressure on him but he clearly is able to deal with that as he did it since 2003. So we are really lucky to have him. Or, without him, we finish in the bottom 5 often and even an average scouting group would be able to draft the Kane and the Toews of this world that would permit us to be on top. Yet, you would need great trades, and great signings to see this happening.

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