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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
Something tells me Howson wouldnt trade Nash for an entire franchise....

I think he should have already taken the best deal and will be burned in the end of things.

After the Carter trade, Carter re-trade, Bobrovsky trade, Nash saga I can't believe this guy has a job still!
i think the Carter trade only looks bad because Couturier fell to the Flyers.
Carter to LA was Jack Johnson and a 1st. LA was out of the playoff picture when the trade was made so it was looking at the time like a good deal. of course this all depends how you view Jack Johnson. opinions are split on him it seems.
He probably overpaid a bit for Bobrovsky. but Bobrovsky is still a kid with some good upside. Probably to early to say how that works out.
As far as Nash goes, I am sure the guy is frustrated. they have been to playoffs what 1 time down there and they got their tails kicked in round 1. Nash wants to win. I bet hes frustrated.
Not making any excuses for the guy. I dont think hes a great GM but some things can be chalked up to bad luck.

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