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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
It's not how I'd rather do it, I'm asking why we don't do it. If you're going to say that we have a scout that can't land us a star player, but who can fill every other hole possible on an NHL team, why are we failing to be proactive in addressing that situation through the other means available to us? Other teams are able to, as I've shown with the Boston and Vancouver examples. Don't say it's because we don't have the assets, because clearly, we do and we have in the past. We just like to give them away for nothing.

It's about being realistic - obviously I'd like a scout who could pick out the star player in every draft regardless of where we're picking. To my knowledge, that guy doesn't exist. What we do have is a scout who has gotten more NHL games out of his draft picks than any other team in the league. That we've taken all those players and done nothing with them in terms of getting NHL-quality assets in return is the failing of the GMs we've had more than anything else.
Maybe I'm over simplifying it now but correct me if I'm wrong here. There are superstars in the NHL and they were all scouted and picked by scouts. So there are in fact scouts who can identify superstar players. I'm not just talking about 1st overall either. There are many amazing players who were picked outside of the top 5 or top 10 as well as outside of the 1st round who are considered "Star" players.

What I've said for the hundreth time in this thread if anyone would bother to read them is yes, Timmins has done a great job so far BUT with great success comes great expectations. He's picked in the top 3 this year and Price as a top 5. I HOPE they pan out because IF they don't Timmins will be held responsible. I really don't see what's so inflammatory about this statement. Maybe you're all a little too over protective of Timmins or too sensitive but really, this isn't something that's antogonistic AT ALL.

Timmins has picked more middling NHLers than anyone else thus far, great! But he hasn't drafted a true bona fida super star. This again, is not inflammatory, it's his body of work. He's great at picking NHLers but hasn't hit a homerun yet. This was his year to shine and he wanted and got Galy. Let's hope for the sake of the habs he hit one out of the park but if he didn't then he should be questioned.

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