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07-11-2012, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by bigfatfist View Post
Huh!?!?!? This is compeltely consistent with what I'm saying. When the Sabres have come here their defence has looked lost and disorganized. It's true that Sekara has usually played against the top lines, it's just that he wasn't particularly effective. It was Miller they had no answer for. Seems like everyone after those games was of the same opinion.
That's just false... utterly false
It's cool that you know so much about Sekera based on the 3 games he played vs Ottawa this year

If you'd like to make a convincing argument, why don't you do splits for this year on Sekara - a 1st half where Miller struggled vs a 2nd half when he regained form. (I have a suspicion you won't do this, but will just come back and troll some more).
hey, i have a suggestion. if you think your "suspicion" will prove me wrong... why dont you look at it for yourself.

the fact, that a lot of Sabres fans will tell you, is that the Sekera helped turn the Sabres/Miller's season around, by being moved into the shut down role (paired with Regehr).

Regehr/Myers didn't work. And then Myers broke his wrist.

First they tried Leopold/Regehr. Then by early decemebr it was Sekera/Regehr... Before Miller even returned.

Then Sekera got dinged up and missed a few weeks.

The Sabres season turned around in mid January, when Sekera returned. (along with other injured players). The team was healthy, and roles were more defined

Regehr/Sekera was the shutdown pairing. They took the lionshare of defensive zone draws and matched up against top lines.
(for your interest you can look at dec 20 @ ottawa. the shift chart will show that Sekera matched Spezza all night, and that line produced nothing at ES)

The Ehrhoff and Myers pairings got the easier offensive zone shifts, weaker matchups

I don't really care how you use the term role player.
You should. It's important to communicate in the same language. I mean, telling people that Defensemen that aren't "true 1st pairing" players, are subsequently defined as role players... is kind of silly.

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