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07-11-2012, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Nbr-17 View Post
Even better... tell her she's as fat as she's ugly
Somewhat related - one of the most fun games of my life involved playing against my older sister. She was always a bit of a...well, a brute to me. So I took advantage of the opportunity to get even wherever I could.

We would line up as opposing wingers for the faceoff. I got my stick between her legs and gave her a can opener, sending her sprawling to the ice. One ref with his back to us, didn't notice.

We'd get to the front of the net and she'd start chirping me. I gently headbutted her helmet with mine, causing her to snap and punch me...earning her a penalty from the ref. The ref came over to warn me about the headbutt, I told him she was my sister. He laughed and said forget about it then.

I think she tried bodychecking me five or six times. I normally just avoid checks, but I just squared myself and sent her flying off each time.

Good memories. Granted, probably not the best strategy to use on any woman who isn't your sister.

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