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07-11-2012, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
Trading Weber for Yandle means the team is essentially in the same position they are right now.

I think Weber needs to be moved for no less than two roster players and two picks/prospects. But which team thinks they are better off with Weber than whatever package they send back?
You probably have to look at teams who are either 1) rebuilding, 2) stacked on offense (but don't expect a defenseman back), or 3) in a position where they might not be able to sign a couple of guys.

If it's the first option then you probably can only expect players on the back half of their prime. Players who are still good, but won't be around for much more than 3-5 years, tops. I would have tossed out Calgary here, but I highly doubt they feel the need to offload anyone big enough to land Weber until well into the season. By then I think Weber has either signed a contract here, or has been dealt. I'm not really sure who would fit this at the moment, and most teams probably aren't either. Columbus maybe. This one is a tough one for summer trades because so many GMs will think their teams are going to be OK.

If it's the second option then you get some offense, but likely get no defense. Philly is a good example.

If it's the third option then it's a huge gamble. Poile could, and probably would be, placed in the same position just with different players.

I think our best bet if we're looking for a deal in the next month or two is the second option, but it leaves us pretty thin on D if no moves are made.

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