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07-11-2012, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by RMBoner Stabone View Post
Robinson speaks the truth, his agent goes and plays bad cop on Mtl so that Larry doesn't take a hit since he is a legend. Capishe Paisan? Capishe Paisan?

The best part of your post is the 1st. line and the follow up about taking a job with the LA Kings. Was that even an option? LOL. Why stop there, why wouldn't he have taken the Anaheim Job? Because they didn't have openings and offers to him.

Thank G-D I heard team 990 is turning into a French station and we will be spared nonesense from those clowns. I've heard them all over the years, they sound like fill in interns for WFAN working the graveyard shifts. They rid of the only talent on that station in PJ Stock, who at least brought players knowledge and personality.

I do enjoy lurking your posts when I'm not able to post.
Originally Posted by RMBoner Stabone View Post
Where's the smoking gun Alex Jones?

What do the Black Helicopter brigade in the Mtl. tell you what the truth is?
I have no idea why the Montreal media is in any relation to what was said by Larry's agent.

He could've been interviewed in the north pole for all I care and I would still believe him over someone who's basically been politicaly correct his entire life.

Anyways, you're right and I'm wrong.... moving on.

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