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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
You may want to be less ignorant in the future, nobody was insulting you or your team's players.

I do believe Sharp is better offensively, while giving the nod to Plekanec defensively. Goal scorers are very valuable in this league, and Sharp is a good one. However, Plekanec plays against the opposing team's top lines and still puts up 50-70 points while also playing considerable minutes on the PK. Plekanec is also not soft, and there is no way you have ever watched him more than once or twice if you think he is soft. He is not a hitting type of player, but neither is Sharp. I also doubt you have ever watched Plekanec if you are going to question his compete level. There is no doubting Plekanec's (or Sharp's) compete levels. They are both excellent players, but I truly doubt the point differential between them would be as large as it is if Plekanec ever got to play with players like Sharp has been blessed with in Chicago.

A trade around those players should look something like:

Plekanec, Emelin, 2013 2nd for

This takes into account Sharp being better offensively, adds a defenceman along the lines of what your team seems to want, and gives you a decent pick in a supposedly rich draft. The second could be replaced by someone else, but it would be someone close to the value of that pick.

I hope I have written sufficiently clearly to demonstrate that I have brains in my head, something me fellow Habs fan also clearly did.
Why on Earth are the Habs trading their biggest physical presence on the back end (and only one, other than "Bouillon" and Subban), a 2nd rounder AND their best forward for a 31 year old winger who has consistently played with great players every good season he's had?

That's such a sideways, and potentially brutal deal for the Habs.

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