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07-11-2012, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by ROZY67 View Post
If I'm Boston there is no way in hell I go straight up Lucic for Nash,
Lucic is younger, stronger and has more upside than Nash, IMHO.

Nash has got his big dollar contract until 2018 and is now demanding a trade, but with his NTMC has the Jackets only being able to deal with a handful of teams, don't get me wrong Columbus is getting what they deserve for giving him the clause but c'mon Ricky you want out then open up the gate to all 29 teams.

Not this I want out but I will only play here, here and here BS.
Bear down Ricky keep up your end of the contract shut your pie hole and play hockey for 7.8 mill a yr., oh but Scotty you promised me this player and that player but I will only tie up 7.8 a yr. against the cap now get me some star players to play with or i'll take my ball and go home.
Howson you gotta get your head outta your @** and move the player and quit asking for half of another clubs players.
Ummmm what!?

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