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Originally Posted by Til the End of Time View Post
wow weird i was literally just about the make this exact same thread when i got back from work today.

anyway i think this is a great question. i hope people realize how extremely lucky we are to get sid to sign such a deal. it is obviously very rare for such fantastic players to spend their entire careers with one team.

we need to realize it's not the norm. to have sid AND geno sign to such long term deals would be truly amazing.

i think people take for granted that geno will just sign here after beyond the next 2 seasons. i certainly hope you are right, but im a bit worried.

geno has been the consumate team player and has towed the company line. everything seems to be going well. but we all thought that staal was fine being the third line center if he was on a contender. turns out he didnt want that. i really wonder if geno is ok being the 1a/1b and being on "crosby's team." similarly, i wonder if part of parise's decision to go to minnesota was due to the fact that he is now "the man" on offense for that club. these guys all have egos, and i wonder if malkin's can handle always being perceived (even if untrue) to be in crosby's shadow. plus we all saw how eager teams were to throw huge deals at "stars" like parise/suter. you have to wonder if geno/agent is looking at that and salivating at the $ a true superstar/top 3 player/conn smythe winner could fetch on the open market.

i really hope they can sign him. the pens are a very average team without him.
Geno and Staal are in very different situations. Geno currently has all the bells and whistles of a 1st line center. Meanwhile, Staal got a nice long taste of what he should be getting, and then had it taken away again. 1st and 2nd line center are very very similar situations typically. 3rd is an entirely different thing. You just can't give three centers the kind of opportunities they would want.

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