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07-11-2012, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD View Post
You are using Cleo Lemon as an example of a NFL player who failed in the CFL? An undrafted free agent who appeared in only 4 NFL seasons?

Lemon never once entered a season as a starter. Rarely even as a back-up. Only reason he started in the NFL (... and went 1-7) was because he was literally the worst team in the NFL and the three QBs the tried ahead of him got injured.
No I am not. One poster listed off a few mobile back-ups who he figured would dominate, and I gave an example of someone similar who busted hard in the CFL.

Definitely a lot of revisionist history there as well. Lemon was always the back-up in Miami the season he started, and while that doesn't mean much, saying he was a backup because the three QBs ahead of him all went down is just a boldfaced lie.

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