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07-11-2012, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by endy View Post
because we have no prospects (at all) and our lack at signing ufas means we can't keep this up forever. detroit is finally going to enter theirs soon imo and havent done much the past 3 years. by 2015 we will either be like calgary and stay mediocre for years hunting for the magical 9th spot or just go into a rebuild (at least a mini rebuild) like many of the previous cup winners, eg boston, LA, chicago, pitts.
can i ask why you put up boston, LA, and the pens as in teams that had to go into mini rebuilds? especially LA.

just because those teams haven't won since, doesn't mean they went into a rebuild, even a mini one.

the pens not doing anything since has more to do with injuries, to 3 of there biggest and best players. 2 of them happen to be 2 of the best players to play the game right now, and could be argued if they keep there play up for another couple years, 2 of the best to ever play the game.

boston still has basically the exact same team that won the cup, just last year.

LA will have this team for the next 5 years, minor little tweaks here and there.

chicago, they played the cap circumventing all in now, roll of the dice for a cup and it payed off, and now they are paying for it because of the cap problems they ran into.

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