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Originally Posted by RKC View Post
Pitkänen will most likely be our best dman in two years time and people want to drop him because he hasn't shown interest to play in the annual Skoda Cup or doesn't seem Jalonen type guy?
Let's get something straight. In an earlier post, I didn't say Pitkänen should be dropped. I said he may end up dropped because Jalonen (if still the coach at the time) may opt to build a team that's as cohesive as possible.

Do I think we can afford to drop Pitkänen because he may not be a 100% Meidän Peli compatible guy? No. Do I think Jalonen may have the stones to pull such a move regardless? Yes.

Leino is definitely a subject of similar debate. Skillwise he needs to be in contention, but as far as team cohesiveness go, he becomes a huge maybe. Of course, he's not nearly as essential as Pitkänen, but our pick of forwards still isn't such an embarassment of riches that one could pass him with a simple shrug.

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