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Originally Posted by MaxLacoste View Post
Yeah but he will be last piece needed to make Montreal a cup contender. Let's trade Plekanek and Markov for draft picks. They could fetch a 1st round each. Ok they're our best players and it's gonna be a long winter in Montreal next year without them. But imagine having three 1st round and three 2nd rounds in the 2013 draft. We could stack talent at every position.

Our base: Price, Subban, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Beaulieu, Tinordi, Leblanc, Eller, Collberg, Gorges, Emelin, Paccioretty.

Let's dream a little a think that Montreal get a other top 5 pick in 2013, finishing again in the bottom of the league. Add the two first round (let's say between 20 and 30) and three 2nd round.

1st pick: Mackinnon or Jones or Shinkaruk. The two first are no brainer. Let's take Shinkaruk, he's a goal scorer compare to P.Kane.

2nd Pick: Jonathan Drouin. Excellent playmaker. Grit for his size.

3rd pick: Adam Erne. Top 6 power foward.

4th pick : Jordan Subban. Big Potential. Just like is brother but smaller.

With the others two 2nd round you take the BPA.

A couple year from there, our team will look like that.

Paccioretty - Galchenyuk - Shinkaruk
Eller - Drouin - Erne
Collberg - Leblanc - Gallagher

PK Subban - Tinordi
Beaulieu - Gorges
J. Subban - Emelin


Put heavyweight enforcers on the 4th line and you have a cup contender.
Any team with "heavyweight enforcers" on the 4th line isn't a contender for anything at the NHL level. Unless you mean big guys who can hit, fight (when it's needed) and play solid hockey, like Shawn Thornton, or Paul Gaustad (though I really am not that big a fan of his), in which case maybe...but it depends on the guy.

As for your "dream" who in their rihgt mind would dream of another horrible season? I get it...I was fully on board from basically February 1 2012, for the high pick hopes...but hoping for that now? Good lord.

Also, Markov wouldn't fetch a 1st rounder, unless it was deadline time and he'd been playing good hockey all season but in that case A) the team would probably be nowhere near a bottom 5 pick and B) if he's playing well and helping the team work towards the playoffs why on Earth would you trade him.

And, trading Plekanec for just a nameless 1st round pick in a draft (even a supposed deep draft like 2013 is expected to be) is a terrible trade and nowhere near the value you should be hoping to get if you're moving Plekx.

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